Grafham Grand Prix



The Grafham Grand Prix takes place this year on 28th December – perfectly planned to let you get away from the dishes and to blow away the seasonal excesses.  The Grafham Grand Prix constitutes three back-to-back races for competitors across three fleets on three separate tracks. The first race is scheduled for 11.00.  There will be prizes for each of the three handicap fleets (Asymmetrics/Cats, Fast Non Asymmetric Monohulls, Slow Non Asymmetric Monohulls) and separately for any class with more than eight entries.





27/8/2014 15:37


Oxford Live
2015/16 Series 
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Datchet Flyer12/13 December 2015
Brass Monkey27 December 2015
Grafham Grand Prix28 December 2015
Oxford Blue2 January 2016
Bloody Mary9 January 2016
Tiger Trophy6/7 February 2016



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The GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series is based around the UK's biggest winter handicap events. Sailors from many different dinghy fleets now consider this series as one of the main goals of their winter racing. With great prizes on offer, it attracts some of the best sailors in the country to compete against each other. The series is managed by SailRacer.

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