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VIRB Blog 5th June



 The VIRB is the first video camera I can entrust to the children, in response to the ‘we want a go too’.  With a neck lanyard clipped to the trusty loop of hi-bright they can run round the sailing club shooting their own home videos.  No worry about sand or water and they are probably more tech-wise than me anyway at using it.  So the rugged VIRB passes the kids test!

For a real shooting angle challenge, try this little exercise:

  • Set the camera on the transom beam mount facing backwards
  • Set 2 near novice children off in Optimists
  • Steer so that the camera points at the Optimist, whilst being able to give instructions and control your own speed
  • Look where you are going too

Here’s my attempt.  No children were drowned in the making of this video … 


Being watched is an ultimate motivator – having the camera on the back of my boat (forward facing footage to follow!) certainly has an effect on the length of time I can hike for.  So I put the camera on the windowsill before asking an 8 year old boy to tidy his room.  Not only did he work hard, but his sisters helped (OK, not so much from the 5 year old) to be part of the action too.

I am quite addicted to the time lapse feature – it is so easy to use and so much fun to watch even the simplest of actions, speeded up.  I must try the slo-mo next.



5/6/2014 10:40


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