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VIRB Blog 3rd June


Brackets, dive cases and inversion


Favourite brackets so far include the wrist strap, the large tube mount and the standard base.  The standard base is so easy and secure for a location you are going to re-use so I have one mounted on the smooth deck of my own boat – but I haven’t tried a textured surface yet.

Tim Keen was the winner of the prize draw for the Datchet Summer Flyer and is shown here with his brand new VIRB mounted on the tiller of his RS300 with a large tube mount.
However, as I can’t keep leaving bases scattered around, I never leave home without pvc tape and hi-bright.  The rugged bullet-shaped unit lends itself to being taped onto a variety of boat parts. That said, my camera goes on a different boat every weekend – a box of mounts wouldn’t be a bad investment if you were planning to use it in the same limited number of locations.
Chatting with Mike Lyons we decided that he would generally know which end of the rack was likely to be away from the action depending on the weather and the wrist strap was a perfect fit on the rack tubing.
At Datchet this weekend the Icon sailors fancied a bit of capsize practise whilst the racing was postponed.  With 1m submersion being fine it didn’t really need the dive case, but this gave a good excuse to try it.  We planned to mount the camera on the tiller tube, pointing forwards, but all the  mounts were on other boats so I resorted to the PVC tape and hi-bright option.  However, the dive case has the lug on the bottom to fit to the bracket so we could only mount it upside down.  Certain that there would be the option to correct an inverted image I had a quick browse through the menu.  Sure enough, within the Setup menu, under ‘Advanced’ was the option to flip the camera.  I even remembered to re-set it before I next used it ;)
Here’s the underwater action…

3/6/2014 13:22


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