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A busy year of GPS Tracking at events for SailRacer saw us become the number one provider of GPS tracking for sailing in the UK. We are now pleased to announce the launch of SailTracker - a tracking and virtual log book aimed at individual sailors.

SailTracker gives access to your own live and recorded GPS tracks.  You can also view weather and tide data, add notes, photos and videos to build up your own virtual log book.  Share your tracks with friends and coaches, who can comment on your performance.

SailTracker : Record your Tracks,  Track your progress

  • Teltonika GH3000 GPS Tracker Unit (RRP £135)
  • SIM card - roaming data plan with 136 hours of tracking capability per month
  • UK charging unit
  • Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof MP3 / iPod Case (RRP £27.49)
  • SailTracker on-line tracking dashboard service
  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Electronic Charts

Track and log your sail training, coaching, racing and recreation.

Just switch on and strap the unit to the boat in its waterproof bag.  No need to pre-set race times, just log on whenever the unit is transmitting to see live footage.  Replay at any time in the future.

The SailTracker replay dashboard creates the perfect location for all your sailing data - tracking, photos, videos, weather reports, results and more


SailTracker allows you to share your position with friends and family, via a secure web page.  They keep up with your live progress and can post comments to your SailTracker Dashboard.  Now your shore crew can track your progress on the water.


The SailTracker package includes facilities to replay, analyse, share and log your sailing performance data:

  • See top speeds achieved on each point of sailing - and compare with friends!
  • Record rig settings and other performance related data and assigned to the specific track on which you were using them. Upload from your smart phone between training sessions or from the coach boat.


You will be provided with a sharing login so that friends and family can watch your progress live on the SailTracker Dashboard . You can also share an individual tracked event, allowing friends to view a replay, your associated notes, photos and videos etc

Your Logbook


Add more details to supplement the tracking data and keep a diary of your progress.  All data remains on the server for you to access at any time while you are a SailTracker member  :

  • Attach photos and videos
  • Blog feature within the dashboard screen
  • Add notes
  • Record settings and cross reference against performance
  • Weather data
  • Search and sort by different weather conditions and venues

Venue Guide

Build your own venue guides and notes. 




Using weather feeds from nearby observation points SailTracker can provide the current weather for the tracking location and record wind strengths and directions as part of the tracking replay.


Against each tracking session set up, the weather conditions and tide are recorded to allow you to overlay against replayed tracks.  You can also add you own weather data to build up a powerful archive.


See the tide details,  including height and times.

SailTracker Mobile Web App

Mobile Web App

Use the SailTracker Dashboard on your smart phone, collect data and see tracks whilst you are out and about. Great for looking up and recording settings in the dinghy park.


Use your tracker


Discounted Entry Fees

If SailRacer are tracking an event you enter, you may be eligible for a lower entry fee for providing your own compatible GPS tracker unit.  Event organisers can upgrade to the full TackTracker Regatta package.  


Emergency facility

Hit the big red Button and SMS sent to pre-defined number

The SailTracker unit has a one-touch emergency button which sends an SMS message detailing the unit location (longitude and latitude) to a pre-assigned number.  Also included in the message is a web-link to the map of the location at the time of transmission.   (Any emergency messages sent are charged at 20p per SMS.)

Teltonika GPS Tracker Unit

This unit has been proven across thousands of sailing races, at locations all around the globe. It uses GSM data communications to transmit the live GPS positions to the server once every 60 seconds, this data powering the SailTracker analysis dashboard where the user, and friends and family, can access the precise location in real time and replay the tracking over and over again. Alternative plans include increased frequency of transmissions - please contact us for more information. 

Electronic Charts

industry standard marine charts to show hydrographic  features of where you have sailed,  eg shallows and deep water channels -  useful for building up your venue knowledge.


Friends can add comments to your tracks and upload photos.

Two-boat Tuning:
SailTracker enables multiple registered users to combine their tracks,  collaborate and share comments

Many races allow the use of Black Box GPS (no instrumentation giving live advantage to the user on the water) - check SIs before you race and see where your gains and losses were made

Included SIM card and data plan

The roaming data plan included is sufficient to cover all but a professional sailor’s monthly sailing time.  Increased plans are available at additional monthly cost.  The data will track up to 17 days of sailing within a month at 8 hours each day.  SailTracker will contact you if you are nearing this limit and agree an upgrade to your plan if required.

Which data provider?

The SIM card is not fixed to any one mobile network - it will roam to find the best GSM (2G) network for your location, even changing within your time on the water during any one session.   The use of 2G means it is likely to give a more consistent connection than an ordinary mobile phone.  The SailTracker and SIM can be used anywhere in mainland Europe without variation to the contract or additional charges.

Why not use my smart phone?

  • Smart phones use 3G and are generally assigned to a single network.
  • With the SailTracker using 2G GSM roaming across multiple networks it is far more likely to find a connection.
  • The battery life of the Teltonika unit is far better suited to the usage.
  • Likewise, the data plan is specific to the expected use so you are not eating into your smart-phone data allowance
  • You don’t have to carry your expensive phone on the water.

SailTracker on-line Dashboard

The SailTracker package includes facilities to analyse, share and log your sailing. 

  • Attach photos and videos
  • Blog feature within the dashboard screen
  • Add notes
  • Record settings and cross reference against performance
  • Weather data
  • Search and sort by different weather conditions and venues


Coaching & training:

See every wrong move and badly taken windshift -  SailTracker is a great coaching and training tool.  Coaches and other sailors can add comments to your tracks,  help your improve through virtual coaching.


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