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Standard Rig - 75-115Kg Sailor  
Sail Area 24.7 sq.m.
Main 11.5 sq.m.
Gennaker 13.2 sq.m.
LAO 4,23m
Beam 2.31 max
Small Rig - 55-75Kg Sailor  
Sail area 22.7 sq.m.
Main 9.5 sq.m.
Gennaker 13.2 sq.m.

 As one of the designated classes, a package with a discounted Sunday meal can be purchased here. This meal normally costs £13.95 each but is available for £10 per sailor via this special entry route. Please click here to enter if you are part of this class.


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A Festival of Sail taking place in May, racing at Calshot. GPS tracking and live commentary for spectators, shore side displays, activities such as rock climbing and velodrome cycling - something for everyone.