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Welcome to Finland for the 8 Metre Worlds! My name is Chris Winter. I will be working with Jouko Lindgren OY to help launch, service and lift boats during the event. Our services are offered at the following address. This is also the correct shipping address to give to your logistics company, or for delivery of boats by land in any way. Jouko Lindgren Oy Hernesaarenranta 13 00150 Helsinki Have your shipping company contact me directly if they need help with directions or assistance with any delivery details. My phone is +358 407358470 Lindgren’s is a full service boat yard.

Lindgren’s is a full service boat yard.

Here is what we can offer for participants in the 8 Metre Worlds:


We can lift boats from trailers, trucks, containers and from the sea. Boats can be deposited on cradles or directly into the sea. Boats can be launched with rigs stepped ashore. In general, we step the mast in the boat, and then launch the boat into the sea, but his depends on how the boat is delivered to us.

You are welcome to rig your own boats in the area around the crane. We can step the mast and then leave the boat for you to finish rigging before launch, or we can take care of the entire rigging and preparation process. To assist you in the work area, we have ladders, a mobile power washer and water as well as electric supply all free of charge for your use.

We charge for the work we do. The cost of putting the rig in, attaching the standing rigging and lifiting the boat from land to sea is 250€ in most cases. The fee is 250€ for lifting the boat out of the water and taking the rig down. If the boat needs to be lifted and stored on the hard while you perform work, there will be an additional charge based on how much it involves our shore team.

Event storage:

We are prepared to accept boats and equipment for delivery from about 2 weeks before the event. International shipping is usually +/- a few days and it is better to plan for advance delivery. We will accept boats for delivery without a charge for storage. Trucks and trailers can also be stored for free within reason. If the boat needs to be unloaded when the truck arrives and then stored, we charge for the lift off the truck or container. The same holds true for storage and lifting etc. until a week after the event. We can also store extra masts etc. during the event if required. Just let me know what you need to store in advance so I can make arrangements.


The Lindgren Harbor is small and not suitable for overnight berthing. We can handle 3-4 boats in the water at a time. Our normal method of launching is to put the rig up and launch the boat. Boats should leave the harbor within an hour of launching. To assist with this, we have a tow boat on sight. Boats can be towed to the regatta harbor or somewhere nearby for berthing if they need to be left in the water for a few days before the event for practice etc. The normal tow fee is 50€ per boat.

Bottom Washing:

We offer lifting of boats for bottom washing and checking as required. The cost for this is 260€ per lift. Normally the boat will remain in the hoist over land and cleaned with a power-washer. We will lend you a power-washer to do this yourself, or charge 60€ for us to do it.


All services should be arranged by contacting me. I will try to make a schedule based on your particular needs. Complete service from launch to lift can be arranged, or you can be as involved in the preparation of your boat as you like.

Pictures help! If your boat is arriving by land, a picture of how it is being transported is very usefull. I can figure out how to store your equipment and launch the boat beforehand. This helps things run smoothly.

The sooner you make contact, the better I can help you arrange a smooth launching.

CW Sailing Consultant LTD Kalkkivuorentie 9 00760, Helsinki

Here is where we are located relative to the nearest shipping terminal. The regatta harbor is about 1 NM from the launch site.



Article Author Arvo Paukkunen 17/9/2012 10:51

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