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We need your help?

The International 420 Class needs a slogan or catchphrase to express why YOU sail and enjoy the class. The 420 slogan must be memorable and easily understandable to non-English speakers and express what attracts you to sail the class.

Have a think, chat with your friends and let’s hear your ideas.

We are inviting sailors at the 2012 420 World Championships to submit their slogan/catchphrase. Great sailing related prizes are on offer to the sailor who proposes the selected slogan/catchphrase. More details coming soon of how to submit your thoughts .......

A few thoughts on how to come up with a good catchphrase:

Firstly: Form
• Concise: the shorter, the crisper-sounding, the better
• Sounds right: it either sounds just right or it doesn’t
• Witty: straplines often sound witty or have something witty about them

Secondly: Trying to go beyond just form
• 420 image: that it reflects something of the 420 image
• Makes you feel good: puts you into a certain mood when you hear or read the slogan

Thirdly: If possible – and ultimately – to try and say something really interesting about the 420 (more than just reflecting general image) and / or to connect the brand to the audience in some important way
• Personality: the 420 is unique and interesting
• Benefit: the 420 has important benefit to the audience
• Distinct: the 420 is distinct (and better) than other classes

Some feedback we have already received:

420 Sailing - the know-how is within

Sailing was designed for the 420


Too Fast
Too Furious
Too Much Fun

420 Sailing – Freedom all the way

420 Sailing - do it once, do it right, never look back

420 Sailing – because it makes sense

this boat was meant for sailing, and that’s just what you’ll do!


29/7/2012 18:22


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