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Race Day 4 - Max Marcour/Sebastian Haimerl (GER)<br>Max Marcour/Sebastian Haimerl (GER)<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.at420 Open Gold Medallists - Alexandros Kavvas/Georgios Kavvas (GRE)<br>Alexandros Kavvas/Georgios Kavvas (GRE)<br>Credits: ©derpaul.atRace Day 3 - <br><br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.atRace Day 4 - Guess Who?<br>Guess Who?<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.at420 Open Bronze Medallists - David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP)<br>David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP)<br>Credits: ©derpaul.atRace Day 4 - Tsumugi Shintani/Nagisa Mawatari (JPN)<br>Tsumugi Shintani/Nagisa Mawatari (JPN)<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.atRace Day 4 - Guess Who?<br>Guess Who?<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.atRace Day 4 - Chi Wai Wan/Sui Lun Tse (HKG)<br>Chi Wai Wan/Sui Lun Tse (HKG)<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.atRace Day 3 - Michal Skrzypkiewicz/Mateusz Jatczak (POL) ahead of pack<br>Michal Skrzypkiewicz/Mateusz Jatczak (POL) ahead of pack<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.atRace Day 3 - Xavi Antich/Ramon Lleonart (ESP)<br>Xavi Antich/Ramon Lleonart (ESP)<br>Credits: ©Paul Szimak - derpaul.at

420 to the MAX

The INTERNATIONAL 420 CLASS, has selected NICK DROUGKAS to organise and perform several developmental events around the world including their co-operation in the development of the educational dvd "420 to the max" which will assist and enhance coaches and sailors.
Source : 420 Class

Austrian National Sailing Training Institute, Segelhafen Ost, 7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria , +43 2167 40315, www.segelzentrum.at
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