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Finishing Everyone Everywhere!!


So in the 29ers! Final race silver results 1st henry & David 2nd ed & charlie 3rd James & Dan 4th luke & izzie 5th George & Freddie 6th Paris & Jacob; 7th Jamie & Jamie 8th Emma & eve 9th Bella & Ella 10th luke & ewan Final gold fleet race won by Crispin and tom 2nd Courtney & hatty 3rd ollie & nat 4th bobby & Harvey 5 th Jessie & Dominic 6th mat & Emma; 7th joesbury's 8th Gus & Lawrence 9th James & felix 10th Elliott & jake In the 420s (Bow Numbers) the Top 3 are 48, 37, 05 Spitfires: 159, 106, 145 Radial Boys have also finished!

So that is a wrap! With all the races now over and all the young sailors heading back in for the price giving or already in and changing for it! It's ben a long week but from all of the guys and gals who run these events; Until Next Time:



10/4/2015 15:04



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