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So with just about a steady enough wind, the Laser Standards are racing


But the wind is still light out there adding to the trickyness. Radial Girls are underway with the boys left now to start. 29ers are looking to get a third race in, with the possibility of them getting a fourth depnding on the wind

Results for 29ers:

Race 2 for gold won by Olllie & Nat; 2nd Felix & James; 3rd Matt & Emma; 4th Dan & Paddy; 5th Fin & Dan; 6th Rebecca & Will; 7th Nick & Sam, 8th Crispin & Tom; 9th Mimi & Emma; 10th James & jem.

Silver won by James & Dan; 2nd Paris & Jacob; 3rd Luke & Ewan; 4th Georgie & Lucy


Remember that they are in the harbour so you get some converage of them!!


8/4/2015 14:48



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