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We have winners for the 29ers last race of the day!


Yellow flight won by Ollie & nat; 2nfd Dan & paddy; 3rd Rowan & Dan; 4th Elliott & jake; 5th Murray & tom; 6th Nick & Sam; 7th Anna & Eve; 8th Gus & Lawrence; 9th Jessie & Dom; 10th Henry & david. Blue won by Jmaes & Jem; 2nd Fin & Dan; 3rd Mimi & Emma; 4th Felx & James; 5th Paris & Jacob; 6th Patrick & nancy; 7th Crispin & tom; 8th Phoebe & sophie; 9th Matt & Emma; 10th Bella & Ella. Fleet going home with AP over A flown for both flights now And while all of that was happening both Laser Standards and Radial Girls have sneaked a start in!! Racing for boats!


7/4/2015 13:34



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