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Mark Roundings, Yet Again! But also a finish!


Spitfires and Radials Blue/Green for Mark Roundings and RSX for Finishing

 So Spitfire Top 3 have changed slightly with 160 of Oliver Greber now leading, 106 of Oliver King chasing him now and the 109 Sam Barker helmiing finishing the Top 3

For the Blue/Green Radials we have 201651 with Biall Houston leading, followed by 206918 is Jack Cookson is chasing and the 206030 helmed by Ali Nightingale is finishing the Top 3

RSXs have already finished with Max Bushell holding on to first in 748, 749 of Robert York missing out of first but Dan Wilson has got 3rd in 962


And if you want laugh, it seems there may well be a submarine of some kind in the middle of the Laser Course!!


15/4/2014 11:28



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