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Mark Roundings! The Next Set


RSXs at bottom gate and 420s/Spitfires at Mark 1

 So the RSXs are flying round with the order of the Top 3 being flipped on its head with 748 with Max on it leading now, 749 of Robert still in 2nd and now Emma is now down in third


In the 420s race it is 51 of Robbie King leading, 80 helmed by Sam Barnett (from New Zealand) is chasing him and then in third is Josh Volley in 68, with them still being in the same positions at the 3rd gate


Spitifres it seems to be a similar tail to yesterday with 109 of Sam Baker leading, followed close by Olivier Greber in 160 and then 106 of Oliver King finishes of the Top 3


15/4/2014 11:20



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