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SI Changes
 DateFrom Race Committee 
 08/04/2016 07:54:46Notice to Competitors No17
Notice to Competitors No17 Intention for Friday 8th April
 07/04/2016 18:39:46Notice to Competitors No16
Notice to Competitors No16 Protest Intention
 07/04/2016 16:38:05Notice to Competitors No15
Notice to Competitors No15 Tracking for Friday 8th April
 06/04/2016 13:45:17Notice to Competitors No14
Notice to Competitors No14 Tracking for Thursday 7th April
 05/04/2016 17:38:22Notice to Competitors No 13
Notice to Competitors No 13 - Gold & Silver Fleet List
 05/04/2016 17:36:45Notice to Competitors No 12
Notice to Competitors No 12 - Tracking for Wednesday
 05/04/2016 09:44:18Notice to Competitors No 11
Notice to Competitors 11 - 29er Flight assignment for Tuesday 5th April
 05/04/2016 09:41:59Notice to Competitors No 10
Notice to Competitors 10 - Tracking
 03/04/2016 19:34:04Notice to Competitors No9
Notice to Competitors No9 Tracking and Briefing Information
 03/04/2016 17:29:59Notice to Competitors No8
Notice to Competitors No8 29er Flight Lists for Monday 4th April.
 03/04/2016 17:00:55Notice to Competitors No7
Notice to Competitors No7 Equipment Inspection
 03/04/2016 16:45:00Notice to Competitors No6
Notice to Competitors No6 Sailors Not Completing Registration
 02/04/2016 18:23:19Notice to Competitors No5
Notice to Competitors No5 Sunday Sailing
 02/04/2016 18:22:29Notice to Competitors No4
Notice to Competitors No4 Appropriate Clothing
 29/03/2016 16:31:18Notice to Competitors No3
Notice to Competitors No3 Top 3 Decals
 29/03/2016 15:26:48Notice to Competitors No2
Notice to Competitors No2 EUROSAF and Youth Worlds Interest Registration
 01/03/2016 14:40:09Notice to Competitors No1
Notice to Competitors No1 Laser Standard Sails.
Notice numberDateFrom Race Committee 
#507/04/2016 17:11:59Change to Sailing Instructions No5
Change to Sailing Instructions No5 Number of races and schedule for Friday 8th April
#406/04/2016 13:22:21Change to Sailing Instructions No4
Change to Sailing Instructions No4 Change to number of races and start times.
#306/04/2016 08:27:51Change to Sailing Instructions No3
Change to Sailing Instructions No3 Course Area change for Wednesday 6th April.
#205/04/2016 09:35:13Change to Sailing Instructions No 2
Change to Sailing Instructions No 2
#103/04/2016 17:09:57Change to Sailing Instructions No1
Change to Sailing Instructions No1 Course Colour Change
 DateFrom Race Committee 
 07/04/2016 20:00:32Ruel 42_Laser Standard and Radial Boys_07 April 2016  download
 07/04/2016 19:59:23Rule 42_420 and Spitfire_07 April 2016  download
 07/04/2016 19:58:47Rule 42_29er and Radial Girls_07 April 2016  download
 06/04/2016 10:08:55Rule 42_Laser Standard and Laser Radial Boys  download
 06/04/2016 10:08:26Rule 42_420 and Spitfire  download
 06/04/2016 10:07:43Rule 42_29er and Laser Radial Girls  download
 30/03/2016 10:46:23Parent Consent Form  download
 29/03/2016 15:23:002016 Youth Nationals Pre Event Information  download
 29/03/2016 14:21:50Plas Heli Site Plan for the RYA Youth Nationals  download
 29/03/2016 10:17:552016 Youth Nationals Sailing Instructions  download
 29/03/2016 09:39:322016 Youth Nationals Equipment Inspection Regultations  download
 24/03/2016 13:03:05420 and 29er Equipment Inspection Instructions  download
 24/03/2016 12:59:59Equipment Inspection Form_29er  download
 21/03/2016 10:00:58Parent Consent Form  download
 17/03/2016 13:02:39Equipment Inspection Form_RSX  download
 17/03/2016 13:02:08Equipment Inspection Form_Radial and Standard  download
 17/03/2016 13:00:45Equipment Inspection Form_Spitfire  download
 17/03/2016 12:59:02Equipment Inspection Form_420  download
 28/01/2016 12:00:34Notice of Race  download
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