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Protest Outcome (Case 11)

R9CROPLEY420GBR54983IRELAND420GBR5408116/04/2014 16:50:17

Facts Found

GBR 54983 was sailing in the pre-start area prior to the start of Race 9 alongside the Race Committee food RIB.  GBR 54983 was on port with GBR 54081 overlapped to windward, also on port.  GBR 54081 bore down onto GBR 54983 due to the action of a wave and there was contact.  The tiller extension of GBR 54983 was damaged in the collision and became bent.  GBR 54983 obtained a spare tiller extension from the Race Committee, but it took a long time to fit because it was not an exact match.  During the time taken for repairs, Race 9 started and GBR 54983 was approximately 10 seconds late to the start.

GBR 54983 finished in 29th position (out of a fleet of 42).



GBR 54081 failed to keep clear of GBR 54983 as required by RRS 11.  Due to the actions of GBR 54081 failing to keep clear, physical damage was caused to GBR 54983 which caused her finishing position to be made significantly worse through no fault of her own.



Redress is granted.  GBR 54983 is to be scored RDG with average points in Race 9 based on the average of all races to up and including Thursday 17 April (but excluding Race 9).





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