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Protest Outcome (Case 9)

R7FLOWERLaserGBR169898 Race Committee 015/04/2014 19:35:00

Facts Found

The hearing was heard jointly with the requests for redress from Radial GBR154767, Laser GBR206488, Laser GBR202471, Laser GBR204007, Radial GBR201836 and Radial 193266.

The finish line for Radial Race 3 and Laser Race 7 was constituted by the Race Committee boat and a dan buoy flying an orange flag.  The Race Committee boat was flying an orange flag.  There was a large spotter RIB with an orange staff to leeward and in line with the finish.  The RIB was not flying a flag.  The leading boats finished between the Race Committee boat and the dan buoy.  The boats requesting redress finished between the dan buoy and the spotter RIB and were scored DNF.


The finish line was established in accordance with the sailing instructions (SI 12.5 and SI 15.1) and the Race Committee was correct to score the boats as DNF.  Accordingly, there was no improper action of the Race Committee.



Redress denied




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