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Protest Outcome (Case 5)

R1PARKERadialGBR201173WHITFIELDRadialGBR20453614/04/2014 20:15:32

Facts Found

The protest was delivered two minutes after the end of the protest time limit.  The protestor was unable to deliver the protest any sooner due to the light wind and the distance from the racing area.

GBR 201173 was sailing downwind on starboard gybe and had GBR 204670 overlapped inside her to windward and ahead by half a length.  When the boats reached the zone, GBR 204536 was overlapped inside GBR 201173 and was astern of GBR 204670.  GBR 201173 sailed wide of the mark to give mark-room to GBR 204670 and GBR 204536 sailed in between GBR 201173 and the mark.  GBR 201173 was able to sail her course around the mark.


GBR 201173 was required to give mark-room to GBR 204536 under RRS 18.2(b) and did so.  No rule was broken.



Protest dismissed. 




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