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Protest Outcome (Case 3)

R1CROWTHER29erGBR1908JEFFERY29erGBR98314/04/2014 18:30:56

Facts Found

GBR 1908, GBR 983 and GBR 2229 sailing downwind on port gybe.  Wind was 7 knots.  GBR 2229 was ahead of GBR 983 and GBR 983 was clear ahead of GBR 1908.  All three boats gybed onto starboard gybe about six boat lengths from the port leeward mark and approached the zone.  The boats were then to sail to the finish.  Following this gybe, GBR 1908 began to roll over GBR 983 and GBR 2229 but the overlap was not broken.  GBR 983 was also overlapped to windward of GBR 2229.  All three boats were able to round the mark on their necessary courses on to the finish.



GBR 1908 was required to give mark-room to GBR 983 and GBR 2229 under RRS 18.2(b) and did so.  No boat broke a rule.



Protest dismissed.




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