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Welcome Information

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Useful guidance and advice for your stay at Neusiedl am See

Welcome to Neusiedl am See!

We wish you a pleasant stay and a successful World Championship – please read this information carefully to avoid any problems.

Entrance tickets
Please make your first way to the main entrance of the Lakeside resort “Seebad” in Neusiedl am See.

There, you will be given a free entrance ticket for the duration of the championship (the ticket expires on 6 August 2012). Please use your ticket every time you come in or leave the Seebad (the fenced lakeside resort). If you sneek in with a car or climb of the fence, your ticket won’t work anymore that day.

Please keep an eye on your personalized tickets – if you lose it, you will need to buy a new one for EUR 15.

Cars are strictly forbidden in the Seebad. Please park your car on a proper parking place and come into the Seebad by food – your ticket will open the “Surfergate” which will allow you to carry in bulky items as well.

There will be a bicycle rack just after the entrance gate on the left hand side – please store your bicycles there when you are in the resort.

There is a trailer parking at the Austrian Sailing Federation – you go up the Seestrasse and just before the railway crossing, you turn left and find the trailer park right behind the supermarket “BILLA”.

Trailers are not allowed in the Seebad or on the Seebad parking and will be towed away for a tow-away-fee of EUR 150.

We are planning for a trailer service for the last day of the event – further details and instructions will be given at one of the Coaches/Team Leaders Meetings closer to the end of the championship.

Camping ground
The local government provided us with a very beautiful area reserved for camping cars and tents of competitors and teams. The ground is close to the Indoor-Swimming-Centre only 1,2km from the venue.
There will be electricity and water. You can use the toilet facilities in the Swimming Centre during opening hours, otherwise there are mobile toilet boxes available.

Please contact the organisation when you want to use the camping ground.

Gale Warning System
There is a gale warning system around the lake, provided and maintained by the local government. We recommend that you observe this system as thunderstorms can be quite dangerous in summertime.

Orange flashing lights, 40 time per minute: Pre-Warning
the wind speed exceeds 25knots and stronger winds are possible

Orange flashing lights, 90 time per minute: Gale-Warning
the wind speed exceeds 35knots or it is likely that the wind speed may exceed 35knots; prepare for strong winds and observe the weather situation very carefully.

Bow Numbers
You have been allocated a bow number – this number will identify your boat, your trolley and your space in the boat park. Please keep your designated space until flag “D” is displayed during racing days.

Trash disposal
There are plenty of rubbish bins at the Seebad. Please use them.

Surfer, Kiter and Resort guest
As you can see the resort is used by other watersport enthusiasts as well – please keep to your places so that they can do their sport and pastime leisure as well. Bring your boats back to your space as soon as you are on shore and keep the lawn area which is the closest to the lake free for them.

Coach boats
Please read the coach boat rules very carefully – there is a gate (orange and yellow mark) approx. 200 metres from the beach where you have to pass through every time you leave the harbour or return ashore. Inside this zone you must not drive faster than 3 knots and towing is not allowed.

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22/7/2012 11:00

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