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Winds and Tides


Pwllheli marina is situated on the south side of the Llŷn Peninsula. The waters off the Llŷn Peninsula, which combine moderate tidal and sea conditions with varied patterns of winds, offer spectacular scenery of the Snowdonia mountains and the rugged coastline.

In July and August average temperatures are around 18°C with maximum temperatures often reaching 24 – 28°C. Humidity is low to moderate, with low heat index values which means very few, if any, days which are uncomfortably hot.

South westerly winds prevail throughout most of the year, including the summer months of June, July & August. Long periods of settled weather can occur in August, bringing dry sunny conditions and light sea breezes. As with any northern European venues, low pressure systems can affect the area at all times of year, typically bringing rain followed by showers. Rain is often light and short lived at the end of July/August with few, if any, showers behind each front.

The sailing waters are open to the prevailing winds from the south west, creating unbiased race areas. Large waves or swell are rare in August, small chop or waves will form in onshore winds from the south west to south.

The tide is very weak with a peak tide of 0.3 knots and an average tide of about 0.1 knots.

The directions are approximate only. The flood tide is running East for the first half and North East for the second half. The ebb tide runs South West for the whole period.


22/11/2012 13:00


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