Strong winds at Kiel Week


The wind keeps going at this year’s 132nd edition of Kiel Week. Just like the first weekend of the event, the race directors were looking at the weather charts on Monday morning again with scepticism to create an emergency program close to the shore due to the persistent strong winds. But around midday the situation improved, so that all classes could be sent out onto the race courses.

Especially among the top sailors, some crews would have liked to spent more time and effort sailing in the strong winds, also the brothers Julian and Philipp Autenrieth (Augsburg/Germany), who had a moderate start, but then improved a lot demonstrating their good shape.

”The first day we had problems with the rudder lips and could not sail up to our speed potential. Today everything was alright and it all went well”, said crew Philipp. With the rankings 4 and 1 they could end up in front of Olympic winner Mathew Belcher, who only became fifth twice, in the first race due to a fatal error of the Australian. Well in the lead with his crew Will Ryan on the upwind to the finish, he then went back on the downwind course and let pass four competitors before realising his mistake and crossing the finish line. “It is the first time in 15 years that something like this happens to me. I thought we had a downwind finish”, said Belcher. He also lost the total lead to the Greek team Mantis Panagiotis/Pavlos Kagialis.

Just behind Belcher/Ryan are Ferdinand Gerz/Oliver Szymanski (Munich) on rank three. Jasper Wagner/Dustin Baldewein (Berlin) are on rank five and the Autenrieth brothers could climb up onto rank seven. “Our goal for the worlds would now be to finish in the top 15”, says Julian Authenrieth.

Annina Wagner/Elisbath Panuschka (Berlin/Uerdingen) did use their good shape and could take over the lead of the small fleet with two victories that day, before the Australians Carrie Smit/Jaime Ryan.
Germany’s Laser star Philipp Buhl (Kiel) would have liked to hit the waves earlier this morning: “Where is the problem? Just some waves!” So he had to be patient, but still showed a good performance and did finish on positions 1, 2 and 5, with rank two in the end. “It was good, but I am not really satisfied with myself. I want to win every race. I could only shorten the distance to the second placed by three points like this.” Karl-Martin Rammo (Estland) is still in the leading position.

The top of the women’s Skiffs is speaking Danish. Jena Mai Hansen/Katja Salskov-Iversen were defending their top position against Tamara Echegayen/Berta Betanzos (Spain) despite two fifth places.

The sailors spending the most time on the water on Monday, were the 49er Men. They already had to get out on the water in the morning to define the 25 teams for the gold fleet in the last qualifying races. In the evening they started with the first runs of the crucial round. Erik Heil/Thomas Ploessel (Kiel) were in complete control and are in the leading position after four victories that day.

In the two further Olympic classes, the hosts are just in the spectators’ position in Kiel. The Italian Girgio Poggi is leading in the Finn and the Danish duo Allan Noerregaard/Line Just in the Nacra followed by the Italians Lorenzo Bressani/ Giovanna Micol with the same point score.

In the Paralympic classes the Germans are leading. Heiko Kroeger (Hamburg) is not in danger at all in the 2.4mR and did win four times against the strong international competitors, including Olympic winner Helena Lucas. Jens Kroker (Mannheim) also won four times with his crew in the Sonar.



Results Kieler Woche day 3
2.4mR: (4) 1. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,1/1/1/1) Punkte 4; 2. Barend Kol (NED,2/2/2/3) 9; 3. Helena Lucas (GBR,4/3/3/5) 15; 4. Lasse Klötzing (Berlin,3/7/4/2) 16; 5. Kevin Cantin  (FRA,8/5/7/10) 30; 6. Per Ahrbom (SWE,6/8/8/9) 31;


49er: (6) 1. Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (Kiel,8/4/1/1/1/1) Punkte 16; 2. David Evans / Ed Powys (GBR,4/1/2/2/9/8) 26; 3. Jacopo Plazzi / Umberto Molineris (ITA,2/7/1/4/11/3) 28; 4. Nico Luca Marc Delle Karth / Nikolaus Leopold Resch (AUT,8/11/9/1/6/11) 46; 5. David Gilmour / Rhys Mara (AUS,12/10/13/3/5/4) 47; 6. Joel Turner / Lewis Brake (AUS,10/18/2/6/10/2) 48;


49er FX: (4) 1. Jena Mai Hansen / Katja Salskov-Iversen (DEN,1/2/5/5) Punkte 13; 2. Tamara Echegayen / Berta Betanzos (ESP,4/7/3/3) 17; 3. Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz (Kiel,3/3/10/7) 23; 4. Annemiek Bekkering / Annette Duetz (NED,9/5/4/9) 27; 5. Tina Lutz / Susann Beucke (Bergen,15/4/7/6) 32; 6. Andrea Brewster / Saskia Tidey (IRL,13/1/12/8) 34;


Nacra 17: (5) 1. Allan Nørregaard / Line Just (DEN,3/4/2/1/8) Punkte 18; 2. Lorenzo Bressani / Micol Giovanna (ITA,2/3/5/3/5) 18; 3. Thomas Zajac / Tanja Chiara Frank (AUT,31/1/1/2/6) 41; 4. Vittorio Bissaro / Silvia Sicouri (ITA,1/2/31/10/1) 45; 5. Lin Ea Cenholt / Chrtistopher Thursell (DEN,11/8/9/6/12) 46; 6. Finn Heeg (Flensburg,10/13/10/7/13) 53;


Finn: (4) 1. Giorgio Poggi (ITA,7/5/2/2) Punkte 16; 2. Björn Allansson (SWE,6/8/5/1) 20; 3. Alican Kaynar (TUR,5/12/4/4) 25; 4. Deniss Karpak (EST,1/10/6/11) 28; 5. Piotr Kula (POL,11/11/1/6) 29; 6. Mads Bendix (DEN,3/3/18/7) 31;


470 M: (4) 1. Panagiotis Mantis / Pavlos Kagialis (GRE,4/4/1/2) Punkte 11; 2. Mathew Belcher / Will Ryan (AUS,1/1/5/5) 12; 3. Ferdinand Gerz / Oliver Szymanski (München,2/7/3/3) 15; 4. Matthias Schmid / Florian Reichstädter (AUT,7/6/2/4) 19; 5. Jasper Wagner / Dustin Baldewein (Mannheim,3/2/7/10) 22; 6. Asenathi Jim / Alex Burger (RSA,11/5/6/6) 28;


470 W: (4) 1. Annina Wagner / Elisabeth Panuschka (Mannheim,2/2/1/1) Punkte 6; 2. Carrie Smith / Jaime Ryan (AUS,4/6/4/2) 16; 3. Alisa Kirilyuk / Liudmila Dmitrieva (RUS,8/1/3/5) 17; 4. Annika Bochmann / Karoline Göltzer (Kiel,5/5/5/3) 18; 5. Lara Vadian / Jolanta Opar (AUT,1/3/2/13) 19; 6. Sasha Ryan / Amelia Catt (AUS,3/4/11/4) 22;


Laser Standard: (8) 1. Karl-Martin Rammo (EST,(45)1/1/1/3/3/6/2) Punkte 17; 2. Philipp Buhl (Sonthofen,3(45)5/3/7/1/2/5) 26; 3. Jack Wetherell (GBR,(11)10/3/6/5/6/3/3) 36; 4. Alessio Spadoni (ITA,6/6(14)5/10/4/10/1) 42; 5. Mathias Mollatt (NOR,10/17/1/2(18)2/1/10) 43; 6. Viktor Teply (CZE,1/3/2(20)1/7/12/17) 43;


Laser Radial: (4) 1. Lisa Fasselt (Elmenhorst,1/2/1/6) Punkte 10; 2. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR,2/1/2/5) 10; 3. Pauline Liebig (Kiel,5/3/3/10) 21; 4. Ania Weinzieher (POL,6/4/12/2) 24; 5. Viktorija Andrulyte (LTU,3/6/15/1) 25; 6. Pia Kuhlmann (Wunstorf,4/10/4/13) 31;


Article Author Kieler Woche / OKpress 23/6/2014 20:21



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