Kyle Stoneham and Josy O'Brien win Whitstable Forts


The Vampire took line honours and adjusted first place for the opening round of the Allen Endurance Series. Also recording fastest speed on the SailRacer GPS trackers, seeingover 20 knots on a sustained basis.

  Helm Crew Class Sail number type
1 Kyle Stoneham Josy O'Brien Vampire GBR2 cat
2 Will Sunnocks Mark Self Vampire GBR1 cat
3 Nick Elmore Andrew Wood Nacra 20 167 cat
4 Simon Northrup Caleb Cooper F18 GBR522 cat
5 Mick Davidson   A Class GBR61 fast
6 Ben Harden   Blaze 661 slow
7 Tim Neal Chris Neal F18 GBR1577 cat
8 Tony Dod   Dart 18 7735 fast
9 Grant Piggott Simon Farren F18 GBR521 cat
10 Mark Robson Kerra Pearce Dart 18 7962 fast
11 Nick Barnes Neil Baldry F18 GBR514 cat
12 Chris King Alasdair Rish Nacra 20 44 cat
13 Matt Young Robbie-Jay Barka F18 GBR503 cat
14 David White Harry Willett F18 1234 cat
15 Kevin Dutch David Oakley Tornado 435 cat
16 Clara Jones Amelie Curtis Feva 4102 slow
17 Richard Golden Charles Howting F18 1421 cat
18 Ghislain Melaine James Stacey F18 GBR29 cat
19 Tony Stokes Natasha WilsonT F18 524 cat
20 Richard Ledger Paul Moore Tornado 400 cat
21 Robert Govier David Figgis Tornado 402 cat
22 John Berrington Fef Griffin Laser Vago XD 1218 slow
23 Peter King Cherri Farren F18 5 cat
RET David Williams   A Class ITA8 fast


SailRacer GPS Tracking 

    Boat Helm Crew
Slow Handicap 3rd Laser Vago John Berrington Fef Griffin
Slow Handicap 2nd Feva Clare Jones Amelie Curtis
Slow Handicap 1st Blaze Ben Harden --
Fast Handicap 3rd Dart 18 Mark Robson Kerra Pearce
Fast Handicap 2nd A-Class Tony Dod  
Fast Handicap 1st A-Class Mick Davidson  
Big Cats 3rd Nacra 20 Nick Elmore Andrew Wood
Big Cats 2nd Vampire Will Sunnocks Mark Self
Big Cats 1st Vampire Kyle Stoneham Josy O'Brien
Dewhirst Forts Leg 1st Vampire Kyle Stoneham Josy O'Brien
First Whitstable Helm   A-Class Mick Davidson  
First Whitstable Crew   Dart 18 Kerra Pearce  
Endurance Race Overall   Vampire Kyle Stoneham Josy O'Brien


SailRacer GPS Tracking 



20/5/2019 09:14


Photo © SailRacer

GPS Tracking

2019 Series

Whitstable Forts18-19 May 2019
Solents Forts8-9 June 2019
East Coast Piers6-7 July 2019
Round Sheppey31 Aug - 1 September 2019





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UK performance sailing hardware manufacturer Allen Brothers has announced the creation of a new sailing series designed to test crews and equipment in extreme contests of skill and endurance. The new Series combines established events into a format which Allen Brothers believes will increase participation and competition, enhancing the endurance element of small boat racing in the UK.

The series is managed by SailRacer.