Great British Sailing Challenge Final - Briefing


Andy Rice talks to PRO Dave Wilkins, and some useful notes for competitors


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2019 Great British Sailing Challenge - Sailors Briefing notes


  1. Welcome


  1. Conditions and weather


  1. Course Area - in main pond as shown on map


  1. Buoys – YELLOW Spherical buoys


  1. GPS Trackers – it is compulsory to carry a provided GPS tracker whilst afloat (SI 22), These can be collected after the briefing in the Club Room each day. They should be returned after racing each day within protest time for recharging.


  1. Start and Flags

    1. Orange flag will be hoisted approx 5 minutes before the Warning for the first fleet to start and will stay up during the race.

    2. We have been asked to alternate starting sequence – Fat 1st in race 1, Slow first in race 2

    3. Fast – YELLOW

    4. Slow - RED


  1. Recalls

    1. Use either BP or U Flag on 1st start – then to either U or Black Flag subsequently

    2. If first class to have a start has a general recall, we will continue the start sequence and the recalled class goes to the back


  1. Laps – may not be shown – keep going around until you are finished. As soon as S flag is hoisted on Start and Finish CB’s– all boats will be finished. We will hoot first few boats then stop.


  1. Finishing will be

    1. Flying shortened course S flag from both Finish and Start committee boats

    2. Sound signals for first few boats

    3. All boats will then be finished

    4. Results will be on average lap times as boats may have sailed a different number of laps


  1. Subsequent starts

    1. Will try to get into start sequence immediately after end of previous race. So those on shore – watch for this


  1. Cut-over from Fast to Slow is:

    1. At PY ______

    2. Slowest Fast Handicap boats are: ____________________________

    3. Fastest Slow Handicap boats are: ____________________________


  1. Local rules

    1. Rutland Belle – right of way, very poor manouverability

    2. Fishing boats – have ROW while drifting – watch for long lines – recco give 50m clearance

    3. Cannot sail through Moored boat in East and West creek – Pursuit race mainly

    4. On departure – do not wash out boats


  1. After Sailing today

    1. There will be a 2-course meal from about 6.30 for all competitors

    2. This will be followed by a Round Table discussion on Dinghy Racing lead by Andy Rice.

    3. Please buy Dinner tickets costing £10 (online in advance) before you go afloat

    4. Just after racing Andy and Simon will be running a “pit lane” competition on “why my boat is BEST”


2019 GBSC - Sailors Briefing notes – Pursuit Race

  1. Yesterday’s Races – Queries. Complete query form available at club office before going racing

  1. Weather

  1. Course - Copies are available at the club office downstairs

  • Lead RIB – which will stay leading boat in the race, flying large flag

  • Course will be displayed on event notice board

  • Count up Start time for each class will be displayed on event notice board

  1. Buoys – Yellow and/or Black Spherical buoys which may be attached to club marks

  1. Trackers – please collect your tracker before going afloat from Signon in the Club Room

  1. Start and Flags

  • Time (eg 11:00:00 assuming no delay) will be shown on Clock on Roof during count down

  • 10 min Num 2 hoisted

  • 5 Mins P flag raised,

  • Start P flag lowered, Num 2 stays hoisted until all boats have started

  • At start, board will change from 11:00:00 and start counting up in seconds and minutes

  • You start when the clock reads the minute number shown against your class on the notice board

  1. Recalls

    1. Individual recall – X flag as normal

    2. General Recall – you restart 3 minutes later

  • Must return from outside the line – you will be penalised if you come back through the line

  1. Finish - 2.30 Hours:Minutes after the start of count-up. Indicated by two sound signals from CBs at marks and Race Hut

  1. Finishing will be

    1. For leaders – between two Ribs displaying RSC Club Flag as shown

    2. It is competitor’s responsibility to pass between Ribs to get a finish

    3. After finish time, remaining boats must proceed to next mark of the course to get a finish

    4. You finish by passing between buoy and nearby CB

    5. CB will give a sound signal as you pass through the line.

  1. Sign off

    1. You should sign off immediately you come ashore, indicating the boat class and number in front of you and the one behind you

    2. Sign-off will be at Club Reception

  1. Local rules

    1. Fishing boats – have ROW while drifting – watch for long lines – rec give 50m clearance

    2. Cannot sail through Moored boats in East and West creek – Pursuit race mainly

    3. On departure – do not wash out boats

  2. Repeated pumping and ouching – this is not allowed for this event – 470 and 420 please note


26/9/2019 10:32


Photo © Tim Olin

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The Great British Sailing Challenge is a series of handicap racing events that take place throughout the year, and it's open to pretty much any sail-powered craft. The Challenge will involve events throughout the whole year, with the target of around 100 boats taking part in each event on larger waters, and running events close to capacity on smaller lakes and reservoirs. Competing sailors will earn ranking points from each event they compete in, with the top 100 sailors invited to a winner-takes-all-final in Autumn 2019 to award the best sailors of the year. The series is managed by SailRacer.