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Good Morning and Can everyone Blow us some wind!


Good Morning everyone and welcome to the first day of the 2015 RYA Youth Nationals, once again based here at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.

 The sun is out in full, with not a single cloud in the sky. As shown by the photo, taken by our own Imogen Stanley.

Unfortunately we currently seem to have been given a pond in regards to the water, with us really lacking any real wind in the slightest. There is meant to be some appearing by midday so looks like it will be some afternoon racing for the sailors.

Throughout the week articles will be posted up, interviews and chats galore. But for live updates of the sailing and glorious tracking as well, you need look no further than: run by Sport Xtreme.

If you want more than all of that, then post on our facebook page:

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Or even look at the videos on Youtube:


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