Semaine Olympique Française Winners


The Medal race kept their promises this Saturday on the sailing area of la Rochelle, final act of the Semaine Olympique Française. After 4 days of regattas and selection, there where about 60 boats on the water, racing for the podium today.

 These gran finales, putting together the top 10 of each 8 series of the EuroSaf, gaved a great show to the public who specially gathered on the seawall of La Rochelle for this occasion.

The  ten best finnists of the day launched the race to the medals. SwedishMax Salminen, who won half of the races this week, imposed himself again in this final day, he is quite naturally the winner of this week. Italian Poggi Giorgi, very regular all along the competition, takes the second place of the podium. Last but not least, French Fabien Pic step on the 3rd march of the podium, after a pretty nice week despite his run at the Medal Race.

Final Podium Finn :
1st : SWE - Max SALMINEN
2nd : ITA - Poggi GIORGIO
3rd : FRA - Fabian PIC

Max Salminen (SWE) -winner:« It was a great Medal Race for me today, and the whole week in général. I really sailed well and we really had interresting weather conditions all through the week. Even if the wind was unsteady, it was a great workout for the Finn World's Championship in New-Zealand. I really enoyed sailing here and I am very happy to carry off the victory ! »

Laser standard / Laser Radial
The gran final of the Laser Standard was particularly harsh, and Alessio Spadoni took the head of this race, winning the 2nd march of the final podium. Jean-Baptiste Bernaz, leader since day one, and winner even before the Medal Race, He will stand on the top of the podium of this Semaine Olympique Francaise. Russian Sergey Komissarov takes the third place of the podium.  In the Young génération, The French Eliot Merceron, with his 2nd position on the Medal Race take off  to a very nice 5th place in the general ranking.

Final Podium Laser Standard :
1st : FRA - Jean-Baptiste BERNAZ
2nd : ITA - Alessio SPADONI
3rd : RUS - Sergey KOMISSAROV

Jean-Baptiste Bernaz (FRA) - Winner :« Today was the game of Medal Racing, I took the wrong side of the sailing area,  when I was ahead for most of the race. But I wasn't really worried, with all the point acquired during the week. We had a great variation of winds, which allowed me to work on different focus points. This Semaine Olympique Française went smoothly, i twas really a pleasure for me to race in France at an international level, and I am very happy to have won here. »

The Radial medal Race was held in the La Rochelle Channel, offering a great show to the public. Danish Anne-Marie Rindom, head of the class, didn't let anybody down. To celebrate her victory, she di her show and jumped in the water in fornt of all La Rochelle's public. The local of the class, Mathilde de Kerangat, swipe the 2nd place of the podium, after a very steady week. At last, marie Bolou takes the third place after winning the Medal race today, where each point counted double

Final Podium Laser Radial :
1st: DAN - Anne-Marie RINDOM
2nd  : FRA - Mathilde DE KERANGAT
3rd  : FRA - Marie BOLOU

Anne-Marie Rindom (DEN) - Winner:« I had nothing to loose today on my Medal Race. I wanted to leave Mathilde play so she could keep her second position ! It really was a great expérience this week in la Rochelle. We encounetred all types of wind and i twas an excellent training. My next challenge is the final of the World Cup Tour in Abu Dhabi nezt month, where i will have the pleasure to findseveral of the competitors with whom I raced this week. Anyhow, I am very happy to have won here. »

RS : X Men & Women
In the Women category, nothing was set in stone till today's Medal Race. The American Farrah Hall, win the regatta in front of the French Delphine Jariel, who made a pretty good week. The Dutch Sarah Wennekes, after a steady week, takes the third march of the podium. To be mentionne dis the French Lucie Pianazza, bronze medallist at the Young Olympic games last August, won the Medal race. She ends up at the 6th position on the général ranking.

Final Podium RS : X Women :
1st : USA - Farrah HALL
2nd  : FRA - Delphine JARIEL
3rd  : NED - Sara WENNEKES

Farrah Hall (USA) - Winner:« It really was awesome to sail here. I did good thing, others less but I learnd a lot, especially on the starts. It's nice to be able to race in the front-rows of the fleet. On the worldwide ranking, I'm on the 20th position. So it is very important for me to race here with the Worlds Championship coming up in Oman next week. I going to face a big challenge as we will be playing for the Olympic sélections. It's always a pleasure to sail in France. I'm regularly going back and forth between the US and Brest, as my trainer is French. » 

On the Windsurfer Men category, the Tri-colored flag had quite a presence on the water for this final race with 8 French competitors, The Medal Race unabled the Jury to distinguish the podium. The big winner of the day, but also of the week, is the French Trevor Caraës : gone 4th to the Medal Race, he wins this final and imposed himself on the évent. The Dutch Matthijs Van't Hoff goes down a march and takes the 2nd place on the podium, completed by the French Igor de L'hermite.

Final Podium RS : X Men :
1st  : FRA - Trevor CARAES
2nd  : NED - Matthijs VAN'T HOFF
3rd  : FRA - Igor DE L'HERMITE

Trévor Caraës (FRA) - Winner :« I am very happy of my day and winning the race. I was in forth position before the Medal Race so it wasn't sure for me. I think my mental was the one thing that enable me to win today. One of my strength this week, was that we had to be polyvalent, even if have to admit I'm far more at ease in the type of conditions we had today, 8 to 10 knots. »

Nacra 17
The only olymoic mixt series of the évent made the show today.. The duo, Billy Besson & Marie Riou, triple Worlds Champions, won the victory on this event,  imposing themselves on the finals today,  quite  roughly disputed with ths Spanish Iker Mertiniz & Julia Rita. The French, after passing the final line, showed off for the great pleasure of the public on the seawall.  This week also smiled at the other French duo Moana Vaireaux et Manon Audinet, who seize the seconde march, followed by the Greek Sofia Bekatorou et Trigkonis Konstantinos.

Final Podium Nacra 17 :
1st: FRA - Billy BESSON / Marie RIOU
2nd  : FRA - Moana VAIREAUX / Manon AUDINET
3rd  : GRE - Sofia BEKATOROU / Trigkonis KONSTANTINOS

Billy Besson (FRA) - Winner : «It really was a super Medal Race with Iker Martinez who was a great contender !He gaved us some serious asle and the race was very close. This type of confrontation is always very interesting. Finally, we are very happy to be victorious here in La Rochelle.  »

Marie Riou (FRA) - Winner : « It was awesome to run a Medal Race in front of a public, it really give us the desire to win ! To be appart of a international competition here in France, at home, is always great, give the victory a sweet taste. Our family and friends were here, which was quite motivating. »

49er / 49er FX
The 49ers were the last class on the water, for their races in front of a public growing lager every minute. In this class where the podium was very much disputed, the English competiitors shine out. James Peters & Fynn Sterrit won the first place, followed by Sylan Fletcher and Alan Sign. The french duo Julien d'Ortoli et Noé Delpech, who realised a good week, take away the third march of the général ranking.

Final Podium 49er :
Podium final 49er :
1rst: GBR - James Peters / Fynn STERRITT
2nd : GBR - Dylan FLETCHER / Alain SIGN
3rd : FRA - Julien d'ORTOLI / Noé DELPECH

Final Podium 49er FX :
1er  : FRA - Sarah Steyaert / Aude Compan
2ème  : FRA - Lili Sebesi / Julie Bossard
3ème  : FRA - Marie Soler / Albane Dubois

Invited for the first time on the Semaine Olympique Française, in the context of Longtze World Event, The Longtze disputed 5 races today, before their last day of ragattas tomorrow. Agin, the local teams have the advanvantage


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