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Both 420s and Radials Green/Yellow at Mark 1 while 29er Blue at Mark 2


Both rounding at the same time as 29ers hit second mark

 So as usual information is patchy at best when not on the course but we do have some mark roundings

First up with the 420s it is bow number 37, helmed by Max Clapp rounding first, followed by 39 with Tim Riley steering with 35 controlled by Sarah Norbury in third (the first girl I've spotted to be in the top 3 on a course)

Next we have the Radials Green/Yellow with 201940 sailed by Alistair Goodwin leading his flights, 206782 of Clementine Thompson following being chased by 183242 sailed by WIlliam Tarn-Chapman in third. The other flights still haven't started because of General Recalls

Spitires are also racing with 109 helmed by Sam Barker leading, 106 of Oliver King in second and then 160 of Oliver Greber finishing off the top three

29ers Blue Flight is round their second mark with 23 of Mimi El Khazindar leading now, 2122 in second still of Chris Cowan and then 2174 of Tilly James in third 


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