The Handicap System

Most clubs run handicap racing covering different classes of dinghy.

Many Sailing Clubs use data specialists, SailRacer, to analyse and publish the results of each race from the information supplied by the club. However, clubs can apply to SailRacer to take this one stage further to create a modified handicap rating. By analysing the performance of each class of boat by sailing club, and then averaging the results over a period of time, SailRacer is able to produce a fairer handicap rating for each class of dinghy.

The Race Performance Dashboard.

1. A complete personal database.

Using the SailRacer database, we filter the information by individual dinghy sailor – that’s how we produce a complete personal database of all the races you compete in.

So you can see your race performance history at a glance.

2. Set your own handicap.

Even the SailRacer modified handicap rating may not fully reflect the true performance of an individual. For instance, it won't take account of who is taking part in a particular race.

That’s why the Race Performance Dashboard allows you to set your own handicap taking into consideration a number of factors.

Using a personal handicap rating gives a true performance record.

3. Track your performance.

Once a personal handicap has been set, it is then possible to benchmark every race and see how well you have really performed and track your progress over a period of time.

This is invaluable as an aid for training and improving performance.

4. All the information you need in one place.

The Race Performance Dashboard brings together other useful information too, such as your local weather forecast to help you plan your race tactics!

The Race Performance Dashboard is a must for all dinghy racers.